Welcome to the Master Class

This website was created for the Expeditionary Learning National Conference Master Class “Using Technology for Differentiation & Intervention: Small Steps Towards Individualizing Student Instruction Via Online Resources & Software.”

Annie Neary, Ellie Davis, Chip Chase
Capital City Public Charter School Middle School


This class is intended for secondary school general and special education teachers, ELL specialists, and administrators interested in implementing blended or flipped learning to differentiate instruction or provide academic interventions. All that is required of you is a curiosity about taking steps towards using blogs, software, email, Google Docs, and other online activities to differentiate grade level classroom instruction and/or provide interventions. We aim to create an environment where you will have a “wonderful idea” about how you can use technology in your classroom to better meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable students. Bring a laptop or iPad,and earphones with you.

Learning Targets

  • I can analyze the pros and cons of using technology to differentiate instruction.
  • I can create a guide to online and software resources that support student’s academic skills progress.
  • I can explain how to effectively use online technology to address differentiation or academic intervention in 3 scenarios or classroom structures.


As you Arrive Do Now – Take survey
5 minutes Introduction
5 minutes Turn and Talk
10 minutes Reading and Short Discussion
3 minutes Introduction to Stations
24 minutes Station 1
24 minutes Station 2
24 minutes Station 3
10 minutes Discussion: Structures for differentiating with technology
5 minutes Answering Questions and Concerns from the Parking Lot
10 minutes Final debrief and feedback form